Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will my repair take?

We aim to get all repairs turned around the very same day (most in 30 minutes!). However if we need to order parts for larger items such as TV’s, an option is available where a deposit could be left, we’ll then give you a call or a text when to pop-in and then we’ll fix your item within the hour!

Do repairs include a warranty?

Yes! Huge 3 Months warranty! Note that this isn’t a guarantee, for example; smashing a replaced screen would not be covered however if your dissatisfied with the repair this would be covered by the warranty no questions asked.

(basically the warranty covers parts & labour however does not cover accidental damage)

What can you fix?

We can fix pretty much anything, from Mobiles, Tablets (including iPhones & iPads) all the way up to TV’s and projectors and even printed circuit board reworking. With vast knowledge of electrical engineering, software design (and even web design!) our engineers could tackle pretty much any challenge, we use only the highest quality parts and all repairs include the 3 month warranty!

Is it possible to get a VAT invoice or receipt?

Yes! Our built-in-house software keeps track of all the repairs you’ve ever had done, the devices we’ve repaired and automatically generates invoices & receipts which are printed and handed out with every repair we do – we do offer discounts for multiple repairs, please see the other F.A.Q on this matter! :)

Tell me more about your bulk discounts and money off!

We do offer discounts if you have multiple devices to be repaired or even if you’re a loyal customer & have had a few repairs done with us! This isn’t a fixed percentage but we’re very fair and our discounts are done by a case-by-case basis!

Do you buy phones and other devices?

Yes! We do buy and sell, we usually only buy damaged or broken items to refurbish and sell on, however working devices we also do buy. We wont ever insult you with low-ball offers on working phones however, if we think we can’t offer you a fair price – we’ll say so and give you a few tips on selling yourself!

If Computer Exchange wont buy it because it’s damaged or scratched, we will! We consider buying anything, from phones and tablets all the way to TV’s and computers, we can also buy in bulk if required.

Simply fill out this form and we’ll give you a call back as soon as possible.

(p.s if you’re a business that’s moving or liquidating, let us know! We’re more than happy to offer you a no-obligation quote on any assets (of the electrical kind!) that you may need clearing)

Where are you guys based?

At the moment we have one shop based on Market St, Hindley. You’ll have a job missing our stores – they’re usually bright pink and laid with AstroTurf! We are looking to expand very soon in stores in Standish and Wigan Central.

Do I have to book to have a repair done?

Nope! Booking isn’t essential, it just helps us keep track of what’s coming in/out but feel free to to pop in-store and our staff will be able to help you out further! Or give us a call on 01942 316700